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Eco-friendly Luxury Jewelry

Don’t Sacrifice the Environment for Opulent Jewelry

PaysonJewelry is eco-friendly jewelry without the sacrfice

If you love the luxurious and magnificent feeling of exquisite jewelry but you are concerned about the environmental impact, has the solution. This Company is committed to bringing luxury jewelry into the 21st Century by creating eco-friendly options that lose none of the magnificence and provide all of the benefits of earth friendly products.'s collections are made with high karat gold and other precious metals that are sourced almost entirely from the recycling process. This means no additional mining, land destruction or inhumane conditions that can happen during these processes. For example, the 18K gold used to create many of the items in the collection contain more than 90% recycled precious metal. The pure 24K gold and 100% silver that are used to create 18K gold are obtained exclusively through an environmentally conscious refining process, reusing these precious metals from the jewelry trade, technology manufacturing and other sources.

The precious gems that are used to create the exclusive artistic pieces are sourced, whenever possible, from the growing recycled gem market or environmentally sound mining processes. uses certified conflict free diamonds, and the eco-friendly options are increasing every day. “I am extremely passionate about the art of making jewelry. A few years ago there were very few people focused on figuring out ways to create eco-friendly jewelry and it disturbed me. As soon as I found a source for recycled precious metals I was elated, it breathed new life into my creative energy. Now I can freely craft my art without having a negative impact on the environment,” founder Payson Cooper said. is committed to making sure that every-day business processes follow environmentally conscious guidelines. In addition to eco-friendly jewelry, the company uses elegant post-consumer recycled packaging, recycles all possible office waste and uses public transportation to conduct all business. Supporting small, family owned businesses with positive employment practices who display the same earth-friendly mentality is fundamental.

Payson Cooper, an emerging jewelry artist, has designed and hand crafted custom pieces since she began the transition from an "office" job to a "studio" job. Her two jewelry lines, Payson Jewelry and Transformational Jewelry, were created with her customer’s spiritual well-being and personal philosophy in mind. In addition she has a passion for collaborating with individual customers in creating hand-crafted, personalized jewelry that inspires and nurtures the soul. “Creating a piece of jewelry art with someone adds incredible depth and dimension to the piece. Working together brings something to life that neither the artist nor the client could have imagined individually.” Payson explained.

Payson’s work was recently seen on Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style and in the 2009 Sundance Film Festival entrant “Cold Souls.” She has been interviewed on many radio shows and is featured in the bestseller Expect Miracles by Joe Vitale. Womenality Magazine, Fashion Chicago Magazine and several others have also featured her work.

For more information about the jewelry collections or the custom jewelry creation process please contact Payson Cooper at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or visit the website at

Expect Miracles Book and Joe Vitale

Payson & Co., LLC in Joe Vitale's New 'Expect Miracles' Book

Payson & Co., LLC is honored to be featured in Joe Vitale's most recent book, "Expect Miracles." Joe sent a request out to his mailing list many months ago asking for people who had direct experiences with the Law of Attraction, Miracles (hence the title, 'Expect Miracles'), Ho'oponopono or other topic he has written about and lives. I have been working for some time with someone very close to Joe Vitale, Suzanne Burns, who is the exclusive retailer of the Ho'oponopono line of jewelry made by Payson & Co., LLC. When I saw the request I suggested to her that our story - how we found eachother would be perfect for the "Expect Miracles" book - we submitted our thoughts, and a few months later heard that our submissions were accepted. We were also honored with some of the only images in the book - you will see the Ho'oponopono Jewelry and the Payson & Co., LLC Transformational Jewelry line Expect Miracles Necklace.

Joe Vitale is the author of too many books to count, many of which have been best sellers. It is an honor to be part of this project! Click to see the Expect Miracles necklace here on, or click here to view the entire Expect Miracles Jewelry Collection .


Plurk Buddy Jewelry

Welcome to the Payson & Co., LLC Plurk Buddy Jewelry Collection!


Plurk is a social networking website that allows users to create an account, add friends, have fans and enjoy building relationships in the growing Plurk community. If you would like to learn more about Plurk, you can click here . Click here if you would like to find PaysonJewelry on Plurk.

After obtaining permission from the 'A-Team' at Plurk, Payson & Co., LLC began creating the Plurk Buddy Jewelry line, taking each of the fun (and sometimes a little odd) characters that adorn Plurk Timelines , and turning them into charms, necklaces, rings, cuff links and much more. Be sure to check back frequently for the newest additions to the Plurk Buddy Jewelry Collection .

View the Entire Plurk Buddy Jewelry Collection






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